The Pros And Cons Of The Legalization Of Weed

Bring the Proper ID Cards

There are a lot of people who are so intrigued with the concept of legal weed dispensaries that they are going to completely forget that despite it being legal, it still comes attached with a set of rules. This means that even though the workers are nice and chill, they are going to have to card their customers and at times refuse them if they do not have the proper identification cards. The legal age for procuring marijuana in the United States of America is twenty one, and so anyone younger than that shouldn’ try and purchase weed from a store in Boulder, because if they get caught, they can ruin something people have fought hard to achieve.

Weed Stores Mostly Deal in Cash

Another thing to consider when going to a weed store in Boulder is that like dealers, weed stores deal in cash. In order to purchase the desired merchandise, one needs to have pulled out some cold hard cash in advance. There are some legal weed dispensaries that are going to have an ATM machine in its quarters, but not all are going to, so bring cash.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

There are some people who are intimidated when walking into a weed store because they don’t know much about the different strains. However, being intimidated shouldn’t be an issue, as asking questions is something that every single customer is going to do. Budtenders are going to be well-versed in the different types of weed and paraphernalia that they sell, and so they’re going to be more than happy to answer an array of questions.

Don’t Take Pictures

Not many people know this, but it is actually illegal to take pictures of the inside of a weed dispensary. So, if a person is planning to Snapchat their weed store experience, they can actually end up putting a damper on it by getting kicked out and banned.

Don’t Try to Bargain

Another thing that people do not know is that one cannot bargain at a weed store. While people might have been able to haggle their dealers for look at more info a better price, the prices offered in weed stores are fixed, and therefore cannot be bargained down. Asking the budtender for an extra nug or free stuff is only going to make them uncomfortable and annoyed.

Don’t Smoke in the Weed Store’s Parking Lot

While it is legal to buy pot from a weed store in Boulder, it isn’t legal to smoke pot wherever one pleases, and look at this website so lighting up a joint in the weed store parking lot is a big no-no.

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